We shoot photo & video projects that are packed with purpose

Whether you’re looking to stack content for your YouTube channel, fill up your social feeds with high-quality media, or just need a great partner for your next photo or video project, we have you covered.

Customer Success

Don't just take our word

TheBluHouse, from infancy to launch in less than a year

TheBluHouse, from infancy to launch in less than a year

From elite hockey agent to helping families live a happier, longer life.
Nashville’s Wish Cup sees massive content-driven success

Nashville’s Wish Cup sees massive content-driven success

The hottest Make a Wish sports fundraising event in Tennessee just keeps getting better.
Country Farms sees big ROI in latest digital transformation

Country Farms sees big ROI in latest digital transformation

Even after 40+ successful years, they knew they needed to keep up with competition online.
Our Process

Setting you up for the money shot

Fancy camera gear means nothing without a solid plan. Let’s get you moving in the right direction with your content project.


First, we'll nail down exactly what you are looking to shoot and what purpose your new content will serve. Then we will dive into planning and building the perfect shot list.


Once we lock down the plan, we'll move into production. We shoot locally in the Pittsburgh area, but can also travel to you if you're out of state.


After the shoot, we dump everything to hard drives and pick the best-of-the-best takes. We then edit, color grade, and prepare the final look.


Launch time! We made it. We'll deliver all of your files ready to share with your customers, prospects, and community in the file formats that are best for your marketing channels.

"We hired Railshop to shoot our charity event and they went above and beyond in EVERY single area. We will definitely be bringing them back next year!"

Colby Collier

Wish Cup

Panda Ref at Wish Cup calling a goal in the All Star Game

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions about our content creation services?

Can you travel to me and shoot on site?

Absolutely. We're local to the Pittsburgh area, but have traveled out of state on multiple occasions to work with clients. If we're a great fit, we're willing to travel anywhere in the US for the right shot. You can also mail us product for us to shoot in our Greensburg, PA studio.

Do I get all of the raw footage / photos?

If that's what you're hiring us for, then yes! But typically, the answer will be no. We select only the best-of-the-best and deliver those, because you're paying us to deliver the highest end work possible. Everything we don't select and deliver is kept on our hard drives for a short period after your project before we archive or delete it.

Can you help me fill up my social media content calendar?

We can. Keep in mind that we tend to stray away from managing social feeds from a post perspective. You'll want our focus on creating quality content that your team can share.

Can you help me build a better content strategy?

Without a doubt. Whether you're looking to grow your following on your favorite social media channel or produce consistent high-quality media for your YouTube channel, we have you covered.

What types of content do you specialize in?

We can shoot & adapt to many styles, from high-quality photography to captivating video ads. Our favorite projects relate back to our flywheel of services. Shooting with a purpose for web and digital advertising always makes projects feel well-rounded.

It's time for us to talk

Have a project in mind? Give us a few details and let's talk about it.

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