TheBluHouse, from infancy to launch in less than a year

We love sharing stories of clients with big ideas. TheBluHouse is one of those clients that captured our attention from the jump. The founder's background in elite athlete management sparked his passion for helping people live longer through healthy habits and outdoor activity. Located in Eagle, Colorado, TheBluHouse is situated in a prolific "blue zone" territory in the United States - geographically isolated areas where people tend to live healthily well into their 100s.

At Railshop, we had the pleasure of working with TheBluHouse on several launch initiatives. We helped them develop a website, produce stunning photo and video content, and provided business model consulting along the way. The result was a new website that recently launched a custom integration for accepting bookings throughout the different seasons in Eagle.

During the project, we made several trips to Colorado to capture media for founder interviews and showcase the outdoor activities that the town has to offer. We believe in the vision of TheBluHouse and are proud to have been a part of their journey.

TheBluHouse, from infancy to launch in less than a year
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