The Foundation

It started on a mountain top in the mid-atlantic

Railshop was co-founded by Sean Connelly and Andrew Opalinski. We used to build rails and fabricated features for Seven Springs Mountain Resort in 2006. Since then, we’ve worked our way to the top of the corporate ladder with a focus on...

  • Building successful SaaS companies in San Diego

  • Scaling profitable digital marketing programs in Pittsburgh

  • Launching enterprise web & app platforms built to drive revenue

Andrew Opalinski and Sean Connelly

Why we focus on web, content and digital advertising

Quality Differentiation

Our experience allows us to offer high-quality work that sets us apart from traditional digital marketing offerings. Think of us as an extension of your digital team during your project.

Clear Value

Narrowing our 3 core offerings allows us to put a strong focus on what matters for businesses to grow online. We offer a straightforward goal-oriented process that is easy to digest.

The Flywheel Effect

Web, content, and digital advertising go hand in hand. The success of each service rides on the next. We're experts in each, giving us a unique one-stop agency approach for business growth.

Our Founders

Behind the vision

Don't mistake our lack of shaving with lack of experience.

Sean Connelly
Sean Connelly
Co-Founder, Head of Content & Web Development
Andrew Opalinski
Andrew Opalinski
Co-Founder, Head of Digital Strategy & Experience

It's time for us to talk

Have a project in mind? Give us a few details and let's talk about it.

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