Country Farms sees big ROI in latest digital transformation

Country Farms is a well-recognized and highly respected outdoor enhancement business in the Pittsburgh area. They have a full-service garden center, offer high-quality landscaping & hardscaping, and serve a portfolio of commercial contractors for their bulk material needs.

We’ve been fortunate to work with them for many years on a variety of digital needs. Their biggest constraints before partnering with Railshop were capturing consistent high-quality media, keeping the business top-of-mind online, and filling the opportunity backlog in the off-season - a common problem even for the most successful service businesses.

Great strides were made over the past 3 years, including a brand new website optimized for speed & lead capture, seasonal media efforts to promote the garden center and outdoor services, and seasonal advertising campaigns across Google, Facebook, and Instagram that drive qualified leads to the business on a regular basis.

Fast forward to today. We’ve helped them garner a consistent cost-per-lead and drive positive ROI in their advertising efforts, positioned their media in front of a tailored audience, and built new journeys on their website that provide a granular view into sales success.

Country Farms sees big ROI in latest digital transformation
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