A fresh start for Sunset Italian Restaurants’ online presence

Located in the heart of Greensburg, Pennsylvania, Sunset Italian Restaurant has been serving customers freshly prepared Italian dishes since 1933. The historic eatery recently changed ownership and immediately wanted to reinvent their online presence. The goal was to preserve the rich history of the restaurant, but with a modern twist that aligned with the new ownership vision.

Railshop helped Sunset Italian Restaurant on a variety and new media and web projects. The tall order was to design and develop a brand new website that captured the updated look and feel of the restaurant while making it easier for customers to book reservations, order online, and secure event dates for upcoming group gatherings.

Along the way, we captured new high-quality media of their best dishes to be used in a variety of ways, from web & social media to seasonal menus. In addition to a fistful of new media, Sunset is now well positioned to succeed in local search engine results for the foreseeable future, showing promising results in both local pack and local organic results for relevant search queries.

Oh, and go order the Chicken Marsala. You won’t be upset.

A fresh start for Sunset Italian Restaurants’ online presence
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