Fire & Ice Heating & Air stays hot all year round, thanks to Google

Since 1999, Fire & Ice Heating and Air worked by the simple premise of offering honest, quality work at a reasonable price. A lot has changed since then, and Fire & Ice is determined to stay at the forefront of modern day marketing and technology.

As one of Railshop’s longest-standing clients, we help Fire & Ice stay hot all year long through various web, advertising, email marketing, and media solutions.  We’ve helped them completely reinvent the brand for better positioning in the marketplace. Fortunately, they have wonderful people to back it up and bring the customer experience full circle.

Their website has been completely redesigned with conversion at the forefront. We directly integrated the website with their management software solution, Service Titan. We also leverage Service Titan's Marketing Pro platform to drive quality leads & Google reviews using advanced email & SMS automation functionality.

When it comes to advertising, Fire & Ice dominates the local market. We don’t want to give away too many of their secrets, but let’s just say they have great success on Google by leveraging the Google Guarantee and Local Services Ads program. This program gives them full visibility on their advertising efforts and directly integrates with Service Titan for closed-loop attribution.

Next time you have furnace or AC issues, give Fire & Ice Heating and Air a call for top-quality service.

Fire & Ice Heating & Air stays hot all year round, thanks to Google
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