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3 obvious reasons we build on Webflow

Sean Connelly
May 24, 2023
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It’s said that with any project, your best case is getting 2 out of these 3:

  1. Fast
  2. Good
  3. Cheap

If you want it fast and cheap, it probably won’t be very good. If you want top quality and you want it right now, you’re going to pay for it. And if you want the best outcome for the lowest cost, you better be prepared to wait. Getting all 3 on a project is like finding a unicorn.

Fast, Good, and Cheap Venn Diagram

Why Webflow?

At Railshop, we’re constantly striving to find an equilibrium on web design projects: How can we provide the best possible outcome in a reasonable timeframe and acceptable cost? For starters, we stay nimble with the technologies we use. We know from experience that the world we’re in evolves at breakneck speed. Designers, developers, and entrepreneurs are constantly innovating and changing the game. Webflow is one of those innovations.

It’s not brand new, either. Launched back in 2013, Webflow started with a much smaller feature set. Since then, they’ve grown substantially, adding features that support two important builder use cases we care about:

  1. Business or marketing people comfortable with technology can produce and manage a website that’s “clean” behind the scenes (try doing that on Wordpress……)
  2. Web design & development experts, like our crew at Railshop, can speed up the workflow enormously without compromising quality, maintainability, extensibility, or best practices.

Our Webflow Design and Development Process

Whether we’re fitting in with your existing team or leading your web design project entirely, this is the approach that always serves us well.


This is where we define the core of the experience. What is the sitemap? How many page templates will we need? What are the user journeys? We know Webflow has our back no matter which direction we go in, so we can focus on the ideal customer experience.

UX/UI Design

Once we have a plan, we take it to design. Figma has become an industry standard design tool for web & mobile design teams, and our workflow to bring Figma designs in to Webflow is speedy and accurate. Since Webflow has fantastic Lottie animation support, we can also lean on our content creation skillset to design engaging After Effects animations that don’t bog down the site.

Web Development

This is where Webflow blows everything else out of the water. Not only can we create 1-for-1 pixel perfect page templates based on our designs, but we can build out database driven collections, external integrations, animations, eCommerce, and even membership functionality. Perhaps the biggest differentiator for Webflow is the speed at which we can do all of these things while maintaining a world class user experience.

Launch & Train

Whether it’s adding a new landing page for paid advertising efforts, fulfilling an eCommerce order, or updating the staff on your team page, Webflow makes updating site content as user friendly as possible. Not much training is required to understand Webflow’s Editor, a visual and user friendly tool where “what you see is what you get”.


Bringing this full circle, Webflow gets us as close as possible to finding that mythical project unicorn. The sites we build are very high-end, can be launched fast (compared to other high-end sites), and are cost effective (again compared to other high-end sites).

If you’re looking for a cross-functional team that can execute on your next web design project, we’d love to hear from you.

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